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Owning swimming pools for your homes is a great investment and a can give hours of pleasure for you, your family and friends.

Here at Pool Hunt we aim to give you the most up to date and relevant information regarding everything pool related so that you can enjoy your above ground pool or inground swimming pools as much as possible. Take a look at our reviews of the Best Above Ground Pools.

Best Reasons To Own A Swimming Pool

If you haven’t owned swimming pools before or are deciding whether to invest in a swimming pool for you home, it might be a good idea to remind you of the reasons why owning an inground or above ground swimming pool for your home is such a great idea:

#1 Your Family Will Love Having A Swimming Pool

I have very fond memories of our family swimming pools at home while growing up. Here are some of the reasons why pools are great for families:

Encourages Togetherness

The family pool and the spa are magnets that encourage people to come together. Some call it bonding, while others call it love. It is the type of thing that keeps families close.

swimming pool family togetherness

That Special Family Gift

Nothing is more exciting than a brand new swimming pool. Every family eagerly anticipates the purchase. It’ll be a big deal for most families.
It’s like a dream becoming a reality; there is nothing better.

The Endless Family Vacation

Owning swimming pools is like having a permanent vacation. Every day is a good day, and tomorrow will be even better. Your entire family will feel like they’ve arrived in paradise.

What Else Gives This Much Pleasure For Many Years

Think of a purchase or event you have attended that is as enjoyable as a swimming pool. You can have a vacation, a party or even a whole month of fun and games at a theme park, but they are quickly over. They’re gone in a flash, but a swimming pool adds enjoyment for many years.

Enjoyment Personified

A backyard pool is always a place of fun. The pool experience can be used for any purpose, including relaxation or exercise.
Enjoyment at its best

Teach Children To Swim While Young

Many children love water. Wait until they learn how to swim! There is no better environment than one they can go to and be.
They are the family’s fish?

teach kids to swim young in swimming pool

Children Are Only Young Once

Ask the parent who sent their child off to college and wonder where the time went. Children are the best reason to buy a pool right now.

Amazing Pool Toys

Swimming pools open up new possibilities for fun. There are so many toys that can be used in pools to delight the whole family. Are you looking for holiday gifts? A pool is a place for good, clean fun. It is easy to smile when you see people having fun in the pool.


Not just the song, but the actual thing. As a child, what was a swimming pool like for you? Imagine what it can do for your children. It will lead to the most amazing memories for the whole family.

Show Your family You Care

There are gifts, and then there are gifts. A pool is the best gift, regardless of its size, shape, or type. Every pool is ideal. A pool is a wonderful way to say something special to your loved ones. It is a great way to connect with them.

Theme Park That You Own

With so many toys, floats and slides available, it’s easy to see why the backyard pool is called a theme park. It’s also very convenient.
There are never long lines, and you can control when the shop is open. Here, there is always fun.

Encourages Your Children To Build Self-Confidence

Teaching children how to swim and conquer their fear of water is a great way for them to gain confidence and help prepare them for their future.

The Lessons You Learn In A Swimming Pool Can Last A Lifetime

Although exercise, diet, self-confidence, and health are all great motivators for purchasing a swimming pool, they also play a significant role in the long-term success of your life.

Stress-Free Floating

Floating means freedom from tension and stress. This stress-free experience will allow you to focus on your family, life and the tasks you do. You can forget all your worries.

floating in swimming pool

#2 Health Benefits Can’t be Denied

Having a swimming pool at home opens up a whole new opportunity for living a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the health benefits of having a swimming pool in your back yard:

Better Health

You can treat yourself and your family to great entertainment at home, and you can also live a healthier lifestyle. You can have all this and more with a swimming pool in your backyard.

Swimming and Aquatics are the Best Exercises

People who swim in their pool every day think swimming is the best exercise. Many Personal trainers and doctors agree. Because water exercises put less stress on the joints and limbs, they are more beneficial.

swimming pool exercises

How to Sleep Better

Many people who own swimming pools agree that a spa or late night swim is the best way to get to sleep. The experience makes your muscles relax, and you feel better so sleep comes easier.

Water Exercises Are Great For Arthritis Pain And Sore Joints

It’s been suggested that water exercises can help ease the symptoms of arthritis.
The disease can have severe consequences, so any relief is welcomed by arthritis sufferers. Everyone should consult a doctor before embarking on any form of exercise. If you are allowed, enroll in a water rehabilitation program as soon as possible. Water exercises are low impact on joints, so are much more beneficial than traditional forms of exercise such as jogging or racket sports.

A Strong Heart

Many people know that exercise and healthy eating are great ways to keep fit. All family members can benefit from swimming and aquatics to maintain their weight and build a strong and healthy heart. A backyard pool could be your ticket to a healthier, longer life.

Aquatics Are In

A lot of magazines and books discuss the benefits of aquatics over other forms of exercise. You can have a swimming pool in your backyard and take advantage of those benefits.
Enjoy what many call the best exercise for your entire body.

An Alternative to Being a Couch Potato

Too many Americans fall asleep in the easy chair after a long day. You can read more about it here.
A backyard pool can keep you from becoming a couch potato.

Better than watching TV

Although television can be entertaining at times, it is not a substitute for healthy exercise and good entertainment. Swimming pools offer both.

The pool is a great place to play sports. They are more enjoyable because they allow for everyone to participate, not just those who excel.

#3 Convenience

Apart from all the other benefits we’ve mentioned, having your own pool right in your backyard is incredibly convenient for you and the whole family. Let’s delve into just some of the reasons why having a swimming pool is so convenient.

Stay Cool On Hot Days

Nothing beats a refreshing dip in the pool when it’s hot out. Heat waves are not a concern for owners. This is the main reason to have a pool. Take a look at our reviews of the Best Rectangular Above Ground Pools to help you choose the best pool to stay cool in.

swimming in pool on hot day

Conveniently Close To Home

Who loves to pack up the kids and all their accessories to go somewhere cool? No-one, that’s who. Some people say the convenience factor is enough to justify the purchase.

You Will Know Where Your Kids Are

Pool owners will tell their guests that knowing that their children are nearby is one of the greatest benefits of a backyard pool.

It is vital for most families to know where their children play, but it may be even more important to know who they are associated with.

A Family Meeting Space

A swimming pool can be a great place for families to get together and have a chat. It’s the only place that’s convenient for families to get together. It is less formal and than the dinner table and all the kids entertain themselves.

You’ll Have Less Grass To Cut

It might sound funny, but swimming pool space can help you eliminate some yard space making less grass to cut. A swimming pool is also a great reward for those who have done mowing and other chores. It takes only a refreshing splash to revive the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

Avoid Being Embarrassed

Some people are uncomfortable in bathing suits and don’t go to the beach or a public pool. You can reap all the benefits of having a pool on your own property.

It’s Better Than A Public Pool

You can have your own pool and avoid the crowds and fighting for your space in the water. An Above Ground Pool will help reduce the cost, if you have a limited budget.
Poolside seating is available and you can rest comfortably. You can swim without anyone getting in your way.

Grandchildren Will Want To Visit You

Grandparents rejoice! You can keep your grandchildren coming back. You have a backyard or an indoor pool and the grandkids will want to keep coming back often. A grandparent’s dream! Take a look at our article that answers the question what temperature should pool water be before swimming?

grandparents at pool with kids

It’s Always There And Available

Knowing you have your own swimming pool is an amazing feeling. It is a convenience that cannot be measured.
Owners of pools all over the world find it a comforting thought to know that they are available at any hour of the day or night.

Today’s Pools Are Great Value

Families who buy them today have the opportunity to have time to enjoy them. You can add covers and heaters to extend the season. Others add enclosures for year-round convenience. Automated cleaners make it easy to maintain your pool too.

Encourage Outdoor Play For Children On Sunny Days

Parents want their children to be outdoors. A swimming pool and some friends is the best way to get your kids moving.

A Cool Dip after Sports

There is nothing more refreshing that returning home after 18 holes on the golf course or a tough match on the Pickleball court and stripping down and diving into your very own refreshing pool.

Cool off in pool after long day

Easy Care Pools Today

Pools today are very easy to maintain. There are loads of equipment and chemicals to make maintaining your pool as easily as possible. The pool owners now have more time to enjoy the pool and less time caring for it.