How To Drain An Above Ground Pool

how to drain an above ground pool

Should I Drain My Above Ground Pool?

First of all, before we show you how to drain an above ground pool, we must point out that you shouldn’t need to drain your pool very often at all.

It is actually not a good idea to drain it for the winter because it can cause your liner to crack due to the wind and cold.

The reason for draining your above-ground pool depends on one or more factors.

It’s usually unnecessary to call a pro if you really need to drain your above ground pool either, so follow our instructions and we’ll save you plenty of cash too.

If you know how, you can do it yourself very easily.

Now let’s look at some reasons why you might need to drain your above ground swimming pool.

how to drain an above ground pool

Reasons For Draining An Above Ground Pool

Your pool may need to be drained for the following reasons:

The Pool Liner Needs To Be Replaced. 

This usually happens when the liner tears or leaks. Whenever this happens, you must definitely drain your above ground pool.

Starting The Swimming Season With New Water.

Many people ask us the question ” Should I drain my above ground pool for winter? “. In most cases, you should not need to do this if you close up your pool properly. But if you prefer having fresh water each year, then you will need to drain the pool so that you refill it with fresh water when it’s time to swim next summer.

Moving Or Replacing Your Pool. 

If you want to move your pool to a different location in your garden or are replacing your existing above ground pool with a new one

Correct The Pool Chemistry from chlorine lock. 

Water with chlorine lock is a condition that chemicals simply cannot solve. Adding chemicals only makes it worse. The cause of this condition is too much pool stabilizer (or cyanuric acid) in the pool or an unbalanced pH level. A part of the problem is caused by over-treating water, which renders chlorine useless and only can be resolved by removing some of the water and adding fresh water.

Now that we’ve explained what circumstances would necessitate draining an above ground pool, let’s explain the how to drain an above ground pool using 2 methods or a combination of these 2 methods.

How To Drain Above Ground Pool

There are two main methods for draining above ground pool:

Using A Pump To Drain An Above Ground Pool

A medium-size vacuum or water pump is all you need. Follow the instructions below and you’ll drain your above ground pool in no time.

  1. Submerge the pump’s intake hose in the pool so that it reaches the center or as close to the center of the swimming pool as possible.
  2. Drain the water from the outlet hose so it does not flood the surrounding area and rather flows away from the pool.
  3. Make sure your hands are thoroughly dry.
  4. The pump should be plugged into an electric outlet and turned on.
  5. Watch the pump for a few minutes to make sure it is working and actually pumping the water out.
  6. Regularly monitor the water level and the pump’s operation. It may take several hours for the process to complete, depending how large the pool is and how fast the pump runs.
  7. Whenever the water level becomes too low for the pump to drain, you need to turn off the pump.

Siphoning Using A Hosepipe To Drain An Above Ground Pool

To drain the pool, you will need at least one garden hose. You can use as many hoses as you like to drain the pool faster. You may end up swallowing pool water if you start the siphoning process with your mouth.

  1. Fill up all of the hoses with water by completely submerging them.
  2. Place one end of each hose on the ground after lifting it out of the pool. The other end should remain submerged. Water quantity, number of hoses, and diameter of the hoses influence the amount of time it takes to drain the pool.

Remove any remaining water using either the drain plug or by dismantling the pool until the liner is freed. The remaining water can either be swept out or the liner turned over so the water runs off.

Fastest Way To Drain A Above Ground Pool

Although a pump is faster than using hose pipes to drain an above ground pool, the fastest way to drain a above ground pool is actually using both methods at the same time. It’s pretty obvious if you think about it. Many is always better than one, so if you have an electric pump pumping the water out while a hosepipe or hosepipes are siphoning the water out at the same time, it means that the water is draining quicker. Most people have a hosepipe they use to water their gardens, so using it to siphon the water out while your pump is pumping the water out of the above ground pool just speeds up the process.


Before you go to the trouble of following our instructions and draining your above ground pool, it’s important to establish whether it is necessary for you to drain your swimming pool. If it is necessary, then there is no reason to spend money on hiring a professional to drain your above ground pool. If you follow our instructions carefully you have all the water drained out of your swimming pool, and all it will cost you is a bit of time and effort.