bestway fast set pool review for easy setup 2020

If you have a beautiful backyard land the bestway fast set pools offer the entire benefits of a swimming ground pool. They are ideal refreshing pools during hot summer days.

This  article on bestway pools reviews aim to help you enjoy your summers using the fast set pools in the bestway possible, in the fresh water of your own above ground pool. Below is a summation of hour’s research on best fast set pools. Consider reading the below mentioned bestway pools reviews.

bestway fastset pools 2020 – top picks

#1. quick set pools  

review summary

Best way fastset pool

Owning BESTWAY quick set pools will make your summer life full and fun refreshing. It lets you have the summer fun of having a pool without work and maintenance.

Just choose a leveled surface, inflate the top the top ring, fill the pool with water and get ready to splash around in no time at all. The tri-tech walls of this above ground pool give a structural integrity.

Two layers of durable PVC encase a dense layer of polyester mesh, which makes a strong yet lightweight material. This pool is super easy to assemble in only 10 minutes with 2-3 people and no extra tools required.

The flow control valve makes filling or draining the pool quick. You can conveniently store this pool during the off-season months.


  • Includes 330 gallon per hour filter pump to keep your pool clean
  • Maintains pools cleanliness
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 10 x 10 x 2.5 feet
  • This pool’s water capacity is 960 gallons.
  • Drains quickly
  • flow control drain valve attaches to a garden hose to drain away pool water.


  • One of the best quick set pools
  • No tools required
  • Made of durable and light weight PVC material


  • Only recommended for 6-10 years
  • Gives leakage problem

#2. Bestway inflatable pool Kids Rectangular above ground Pool 

review summary

bestway fast set pool

This bestway 10ft pool is a perfect size for families with young children and small spaces.

The shallow depth of this bestway fast set pool 10ft makes it a great swimming pool for kids who are becoming more adept at paddling. The bestway pool set up is made by joining steel poles together with ‘T’ connectors and ‘C’ clips.

Connectors hold the pool liner and tough PVC and polyester outer wall in place, making the rectangular shape of the above ground pool.

Pool also has a good built-in flow control drain valve, which can be attached to a garden hose to fill the above ground pool or drain it of water.

Overall, we suggest this pool as the best above ground pool for summertime outdoor fun. It is a great bestway 10ft pool for the price and for small places. No tools at home No worry, this whole set up requires no tools.


  • Water capacity (90%): 872 gal
  • Pool Measurement 9′ 8″ x 79″ x 26″
  • Weight: 43.6 pounds
  • Corrosion resistant steel frame
  • Tri-tech Material sturdy walls
  • The 9’10” x 6’7″ x 26″ above ground pool frame
  • A 3-ply PVC support band surrounds the above ground pool for additional stability to the pool wall
  • A durable, yet lightweight PVC material
  • It’s tear-resistant and won’t fade overtime to sun exposure
  • The Seal and Lock System is a patented pool frame design making each joint connection secure
  •  A pin-clip design is another safety good feature to ensure stable pool joint connections


  • Affordable
  • This pool has earned good bestway fast set pool review
  • No tools needed
  • Sturdy built up
  • Sealed lock secure system


  • Not very long lasting

#3bestway fast set pool : 197035 blue

review summary

bestway fastset pool

This bestway inflatable pool is very simple to assemble. It lets you have summer fun without work and maintenance.

Just select a level surface, inflate the top the top ring, fill the pool with water and you’ll be splashing around in no time at all.

You can discover a perfect swimming pool for your family in this bestway above ground pools collection, in a range of sizes.

Tri tech pool walls give the pool a structural integrity and are made of two layers durable PVC polyester mesh.

The result is strong yet light weight. You can easily store this pool during the off-season months.


  • Includes 530 gallon per hour filter pump to keep your pool clean
  • Bestway – fast set 15 feet x 33 inches pool set
  • 15 feet x 33 inches
  • Water capacity (80 percent): 9, 677 L (2, 556 gal.)
  • Easy set up
  • Printed mosaic inner liner on the bottom of the pool


  • Easy to assemble
  • No tools required
  • Strong and sturdy built up
  • You can easily store


  • Not very long lasting
  • Not so great pump

How to set up bestway fast set pool? 

How to set up bestway fast set pool? 

Parts required for setting up a fast set pool are:

1-Base Plates

First of all base plates are put down on each of the blocks on the leveled ground.

2-Base Rails  

The base rails are inserted into the base plates making a base circle in which the wall is inserted.


The wall of the best above ground pool comes in like a coil that is unwound and attached into with the bottom rail.


The Joiner is a hardware metal strip used in to screw the ends of the wall together.

5-Vertical Uprights 

The vertical up rights give some support to the wall and connect the base plates to the top rails. There are 10 to 22 of these uprights.


The pool liner is the most important element needed in the installation of an above ground pool. This liner is placed inside the pool to hold the water.


Copings are like plastic tubes that fit over the liner on the top edge of the wall. They keep the overlapping liner in place.

10- Stabilizers

They provide sturdiness to the upper edge of the wall.

11-Top plates 

Top plates (10 to 22) are placed on top of the vertical uprights and they tie the stabilizers and uprights together.

12-Top rails 

These 10 to 22 rails are put between the uprights and are secured to the top plates. They form a 6 – 8″ surface around the top of the pool wall.

13-Connectors/Top Caps

The connectors fit on the top plates to cover the group of the top plates, the uprights and the top rails. Make sure these connectors are also commonly known and sold as Top Caps.


The basic need of installing a best pool pump is that, it will assist you to fill your pool with water in no time. Unless you have one it will take you like ages to fill up your pool.


Many pool kits come with an above ground pool filter to filter the water circulated by the pump.


Skimmer is placed on a rectangular hole in the upper part of the pool wall to supply water to the pump and to collect debris off the surface of the pool

17-Return Port 

A return port is installed on a 1 1/2 -2″ hole in the side of the pool to let the water from the pump/filter to flow back into the pool.

How to drain a bestway fast set pool? 

  1. Roll out the pump’s intake hose make it reach the center of the pool submerge it inside the pool.
  2. Place the outlet hose so that the water doesn’t flood the area, instead it drain an above ground pool slowly.
  3. Dry out your hands nicely.
  4. Plug in the motor pumps electric cord inside the electric outlet and turn on the pump.
  5. Keep checking the pump that it is doing its job.
  6. Keep a check on the water level depending on the size of the pool and the pump’s flow out rate, the process can take up to several hours.
  7. Lastly, turn off the pump when the water level gets too low for the pump to drain an above ground pool.


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