best above ground pool light & led pool lights reviews & buying guide 2020

Every year time in new years or on special occasions like festivals, weddings, people everywhere love to decorate their houses as well as pool to enjoy a poolside party like feel at home.

This is time when these bestabove ground pool lights can serve you in the best way. Above ground pools and above ground pool accessories such as above ground pool lights or ladders, heaters are all required at some point of time.

As the temperature rises, it makes summer temperatures hot, so in order to escape the heat out of your lives during night or day time above ground pool lights are a good choice to keep up your above ground pool lightened.

best above ground pool lights poolhunt

To add fun to the experience of a home pool system is the addition of best above ground pool lights available in all shapes and sizes, from strictly functional to strictly fun for the whole family.

Best above ground pool lights come in all types of options – from floating lights to magnetic mounted lights, from underwater lights to fountain and light systems, the internet provides us an excellent options for lighting our favorite accessory of the summer.

best above ground pool light – top picks 2020

#1. led pool light waterproof




charging time


best above ground pool lights for your best pool

8 hour

solar powered

6 hour

#2. best led pool light 





best pool led lights for your pool

10 hour

3 AA

6 hour

#3. intex pool light


item weight 


seller rank


best led pool lights for above ground pool

3.9 pounds

5.9 x 11.6 x 7.9 inches

best seller on amazon

#1. led light for pool by Pearlstar

review summary

best above ground pool lights for your best pool

These solar floating lights are made to decorate your swimming pool and pond. The waterproof design of these lights enables you to put them into the water directly and float on the water surface.

The built-in rechargeable battery of this best above ground pool light will get charged by the solar panel during daytime and power the lights at night automatically.

This best floating led pool light displays different color lights in your pool to create beautiful scenery.

Make sure before installation of this best above ground pool light the switch is on, you can cover the solar panel with your hand and check whether the light will turn on automatically or not. The functioning time and light intensity of this light depends on the weather condition, season, location and temperature.

Cloudy, rainy and snowy day will lead to no or very less charging, so the lighting time may get reduced and light becomes weak. Please check that the solar panel gets sufficient sunlight during the daytime as there are no strong lights at night.


  • Solar floating best above ground pool light is made of high quality transparent frosted plastic.
  • Floating solar pool lights require no electricity.
  • In the daytime you need to turn on the switch on the bottom.
  • Solar panel will convert solar energy into electrical energy.
  • Lotus top patterns are beautiful and perfect for pool and pond decoration.
  • Lovely and beautiful floating lights will increase the vitality for your above ground pool and pond.
  • Equipped with RGB color-changing LED in the floating light.
  • Perfect for weddings /Garden Party /Christmas/Outdoor Activity etc.


  • Automatic working at night
  • Charge in solar light in day time
  • Makes your party programs colorful
  • Changes color automatically


  • Users have faced problems with the built quality of this lotus light

#2. above ground pool light waterproof by GAME 

review summary

best pool led lights for your pool

People having above-ground pools at home will enjoy the flexibility & durability, of this powerful LED Submersible color-changing best above ground pool light.

The GAME waterproof magnetic LED color-changing pool wall light is an excellent & colorful LED light set for swimming pools. It includes a magnet that sticks easily and has been designed for Above-Ground pools only.

This LED best led pool light functions with a remote-control and will adhere to steel & soft-sided walls and needs no wiring or tools for assembly.

This best pool color changing light is durable and can hold up against frequent submersion in chlorinated water. GAME magnetic LED light has several bright LED bulbs which produce 12 color options & 4 modes that can be swapped easily by activating using the remote control.

There are 4 settings, including fade, which softly changes from one color to other.  The color buttons on the remote control give you the ability to select a range of colors including red, white, green, & blue, change the brightness, & turn the lights & settings on & off.

This 3” LED best above ground pool light do not need any tools or wiring due to the high-powered magnet but does require 3 AAA batteries (not included). This product is made by great American merchandise & events (GAME).


  • Color-changing pool wall light
  • GAME waterproof Magnetic LED color-changing pool wall light
  • Powerful and colorful 3” LED light for pools
  • It includes an easy-to-use remote control and features 12 colors and 4 modes
  • Designed for above-ground pools only
  • This best above ground pool light is 100% waterproof and submersible
  • They are made from high-quality materials
  • Includes an advanced remote control with 12 color options and 4 color-changing modes require no tools or wiring


  • Best Color pool light
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Requires no tools no wiring
  • 100 percent waterproof and submersible


  • For some users it stopped working before expected lifespan
  • not very long lasting batteries

#3. Intex Pool Light 110-120V

review summary

best led pool lights for above ground pool

This LED best above ground pool light lets you enjoy your pool at night too. It lets you light up the pool in the evening using the right led pool light.

The INTEX LED light uses magnetic technology that nicely generates low voltage current through the pools sidewall to a powerful LED light inside the pool.

The advanced, energy efficient LED amazing above ground pool light is designed with a special lens shape for maximum, long-lasting illumination in water. The magnetic attachment allows you to place this best above ground pool light anywhere on the pool wall.

The best part of this good above ground pool light is you can enjoy in-ground pool style lighting without any tool free installation. This best above ground pool light easily light up the pools up to 24ft. Includes: 110-120V LED light having magnetic wall mounting system.

This best above ground pool light easily light up the pools up to 24ft. Includes: 110-120V LED light having magnetic wall mounting system. This convenient, extra-bright awesome led pool light affixes to the side of your above-ground pool with magnets.

It is designed to float, and the exterior power cord means no batteries. LED best above ground pool lights use low electricity and have a long lasting illumination.


  • This product will only work on pools that do not have metal walls.
  • It is used on above ground pools only.
  • Magnetic, in-pool LED best above ground pool lights.
  • Convenient, leaves you worry free about batteries.
  • Built-in flotation in case light becomes separated from the magnet.
  • Low electricity level.
  • Extra bright, longer lasting illumination.


  • Requires low electricity
  • Magnetic body built
  • Very bright
  • Long lasting illumination


  • Some have complained that this light was requiring batteries more often than required

#4. Floating Pool Light With Remote Control

review summary

best lights for above ground pool

We recommend this above ground pool light as the best swimming pool light. Its high quality imported Samsung, EPISTAR Chip,1 watt per led bead, is not like other suppliers pretend 0.5W- 0.7w to be 1W.

This best above ground pool light makes use of aluminum bulb housing and high thermal conductivity aluminum plate for heat dissipation.

For power drive manufacturers choose IC isolation capacitance as it makes safety when people touch led bulb in safety voltage range.

For power source it uses high quality precision for constant current source. It gives constant current through the LED whatever voltage change to ensure life and LED best above ground pool lights efficiency.

For your information in order to ensure that the human body safety light is 12V, our Power Supply will convert 110V to 12V, so please simply connect 110V directly.

This flood best led pool light includes white color, but it is not pure, it is a mixture of RGB colors. Light has a small beam angle of (30-45°) like a spotlight, so it is only suitable for use in a small range mostly for decoration. It is a the most suitable amazing above ground pool light for decoration, various holidays, and landscape lights, not suitable for general lighting and can also be placed underwater, at maximum water depth of 1M.


  • The output voltage is low voltage 12V  
  • A safety voltage protecting the human body from harm
  • Light is waterproof it can be used outdoors even you can put it in the water
  • Place/hang/nail it as you like
  • Suitable for illumination and beautification of home/hotel/garden/landscape
  • Modes are Smooth / Flash / Fade / On/Off. LED outdoor flood lights provide even and bright illumination across a wide area.
  • With a remote control and flood light can be made into RGB / RGBW / Single Color.
  • Includes a button cell battery


  • Light is color changing
  • Multiple modes
  • Bright and multi purpose


  • Not very long lasting
  • Some have complained about its bad lenses

#5. led inground pool light Multicolor

review summary

best waterproof lights for pool

This solar powered underwater best above ground pool light Show gives a festival experience.

Functions on just a press of a button to turn it on, and place it in your pool. It is like a never-ending cycle of multicolored light patterns that make give an instant party like feel to the people around.

The built-in battery of this best led pool light is recharged by solar power, so there are no batteries or chargers required. It operates 4-6 hours on a full charge mode. This awesome above ground pool light can turn out to be coolest gadget ever for you. 

You can also place this best above ground pool light in your garden around the pool to make sure no one falls inside the pool, if someone walks in at night.  

As leaving the manual lights on throughout the whole night will cost in electricity bills. Though, do not expect these amazing led pool light to be exceptionally bright like fireworks. But it makes the pool interesting at night and people, especially kids will love it.


  • Rechargeable batteries of this best above ground pool charge in Full Sun or Clouds.
  • 6-8 Hour Run Time on Full Charge.
  • Completely Sealed-Space; No Leaks From Replacing Batteries.
  • Can Be In Or Out Of Water.
  • Hang From Patio Cover
  • Umbrella tree or Ceiling Fan For Disco Ball Effect With Integrated Hanger.


  • Gives a disco like feel
  • Runs 6-8 hours
  • Can be placed in or on


  • It is not hail storm proof
  • Some have also faced  issues with its construction

#6. swimming pool light, color changing best pool light 

review summary

best above ground pool lights

This best above ground pool light functions on just a press of the button, remote control directly select the color you want without turning the light on and off.

If you buy few lights and want one remote controller to control all the lights, you can use the remote control to manage those several lights at the same time. Color-changing can be controlled using an ON/OFF switch, similar to a wall switch.

Turn the switch off/on to select one color mode. No need to change original pool circuit. The installation of this led color changing pool light is:  take out the pool embedded parts unscrew from the lid and then take off the lid.

Then connect the power output cable of the embedded parts, with the terminals of the parts, with the terminals of the lamp and then put back the screws.


Thereafter, Put the lamp into embedded part and then cover the lid and tight up the screws. And then put back the embedded parts. This is a 12 voltage light, not suitable for the 120V housing. Aluminum sheet customization reflector eliminates hot spots.

The superior lens geometry of this best above ground pool light provides wide range of lighting and this high quality LED lamp gives exceptional light intensity.


  • It is the 12 voltage pool light
  • It comes programmed with 15 settings 6 solid colors and 9 beautiful and unique color “shows”.
  • This best above ground pool light is perfect pool light for medium sized swimming pools
  •  Works for most Pentair Hayward Light Fixture
  • Add new function to the light : ①Fix the short distance of the remote ②Add the memory function to the remote type light ③Add the remote controller and light matching system
  • Dimensions of this light are: 6.6″, High: 5.3″.
  • The best pool light bulb lights up 25000 gallon pool
  • Burns up a lot less electricity in the process
  • It is protected by Premium 20 months Service from Manufacturer
  • If you have any problem about the light, do not hesitate to contact our customer service


  • High intensity
  • Covered under 20 months service
  • Good customer service


  • Some have complained that the light is not very long lasting
  • Stops changing colors after 6 months

#7. best above ground pool light bulb with speaker 

review summary

best led lights for above ground pool

This best wireless pool light and speaker by game is a durable and long-lasting device. 

It delivers fun filled music and decoration for an above or in-ground pool. Game floating best above ground pool light show and speaker lets you connect to the device using Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

This speaker is perfect for an outside environment and you don’t need to leave your phone back. You can also change the tracks, play/pause or change the volume on your phone on the device itself.

This good led pool light let you syncs with the music creating a setting that goes with your party vibe making you dance.The color range of this LED best above ground pool light is up to 10 – 20 feet in diameter, though the range may vary depending on the pool size, color, and depth.

This top led pool light comes with a convenient built in hanger. When you hang, it performs a light show for you giving you a disco feel.  

It comes completely sealed and waterproof, safe to use in most water environments. It can operate till up to 6 hours on a full charge. This best above ground pool light system is rechargeable and requires no additional batteries.


  • The game wireless pool speaker and underwater light show is a durable and long-lasting
  • It delivers fun and festive music and decor
  • This floating pool light connects to your device using Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
  • Light show syncs with the music creating a dazzling setting
  • The color LED best above ground pool light have a range of up to 10 – 20 feet in diameter.The GAME Wireless Speaker & Underwater Light Show comes with a convenient built in hanger.
  • Speaker is completely sealed and waterproof, safe to use in most water environments.
  • Last up to 6 hours
  • This system is rechargeable and requires no additional batteries.


  • Has a wireless speaker
  • Safe for all types of water environment
  • Last for 6 hours


  • Dint prove to be very long lasting

#8. floating pool lights Solar 

review summary

best led pool light

This solar rechargeable best above ground pool light needs no batteries to replace. It takes 6-7 hours charging in sunshine, the balls can light up for over 6 hours at night.  

Lights are multicolored LEDs which changes automatically. Durability of this best led pool light can vary due to changes in weather.

To provide you options for decorating with LED balls, we have made them waterproof and floatable for the pool, added a weighted bottom so they don’t roll or blow away, and put a hang tab on the top so that you can easily hang them in trees or anywhere else.

Inflate the balls and place the light under direct sunlight, or at a place where direct sun exposure such as lawn, backyard, balcony. In case the light does not turn on automatically after a 6-8 hours charging, 

please check that the light is placed in a sunny location and that the solar panels have faced the sun absorbing as much sunlight as possible.

This best above ground pool light is designed for outside use only. So make sure the solar panel placed in direct sun where it can get the maximum sunlight. Do not make use of any chemicals or cleaning products or scratch the solar floating ball.


  • Easy to blow up
  • Simple to inflate the led pool light
  • No batteries needed, better than hard plastic LED balls
  • These LED floating balls are much more durable, sturdy enough
  • The 14″ balls for pools are inflatable that makes this light a best pool light floating on water
  • Solar globe makes a floating light show in your pool
  • This amazing above ground pool light with red blue green white color lights changes color automatically.
  • Energy saving and long lasting
  • 100% solar powered automatic charging LED best led pool light balls.
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof
  • Our solar light easily stays on ground, floats in the pool, hanging from trees in the back yard or rests on a table.
  • This solar LED ball is an illuminating entertainment
  • Perfect for all theme parties, gardens, yard


  • 100 percent solar powered
  • waterproof
  • No batteries needed
  • Energy saving


  • Doesn’t hold up air nicely

#9. Solar pool floating light by HAPIKAY

review summary

best led above ground lights

This 14” solar powered led balls change colors automatically. The floating solar best above ground pool lights are the perfect for your pool, backyard, patio, walkway, or any room in your home.

They are a big 14″ LED ball light with highly colorful bright RBG light inside. It changes color from White to Pink to Red, Purple, and Blue, Aqua, Green, Lime and back to White.

Many people buy a few of this right led pool light to place all over their property during all 4 seasons. You don’t need to plug LED floating balls in to re-charge. These inflatable solar best above ground pool lights naturally and automatically charge during the day from sunlight.

As it gets dark, they turn on to glow automatically giving hours of enjoyment. It helps reducing in your power bill and is safe for the environment. Your family and everyone who visits your house will love it.


  • LED RGB lights change color every automatically every 25 seconds
  • These floating balls add brilliant color to backyard, pool, and rooms.
  • Balls are a big 14 inches.
  • It lights up the entire area with fabulous changing color
  • These outdoor decorations work well for festivals and  functions
  • This best above ground pool light balls naturally charge during the day, then glow automatically at night.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • In case of any issues we’ll send you replacement or fully refund your order after 30 days


  • Covered under guarantee
  • Big enough balls
  • Brilliant color
  • Automatic light


  • Not very long lasting as per customers need

#10. Underwater Led best above ground pool Lights

review summary

best led lights for above ground pool

This RGB submersible Best above ground pool light is battery operated. The working time varies 10 hours with superior dry batteries, but may be much different because of different battery types, brands, status, and lighting modes.

If this best led pool light battery runs out the lights stay red or if you see it no longer change between colors and stop working, then please consider replacing the battery.

Make sure the waterproof ring is in correct position, and then screw up the cap clockwise properly and tightly before putting it in water.

Use only dry batteries for normal us and for heavy usage make use of rechargeable batteries may save cost and increase working time.

It’s not recommended to use this best above ground pool light for everyday lighting purpose, due to the battery consuming problem.

This LED best above ground pool light is made of high quality double waterproof materials, so you need not worry when the light has been put inside the water. If you use light weight cells less than 10 grams such as carbon AAA battery, the lights can be floating on the water


  • Reusable submersible LED light is operated by 3 x AAA batteries  lasts 10-12 hours
  • Comes  with built-in super bright 10 LEDs
  • 16 different static modes
  • 4 dynamic color changing modes
  • 24-key IR remote control for nearly 10M distance
  • Submersible performance for about 60CM
  • Made with built-in iron sheet ballast
  • Use cells more than 10 grams such as alkaline AAA battery, rechargeable cells or dry cells, the lights will be submersible
  • IP67 waterproof & 100% Seal
  • This is one of the best underwater pool Light that has wide application
  • We guarantee 100% money back when you meet problems about our pond lights.


  • Covered under guarantee
  • Automatic color changing light
  • can last long for 10 – 12 hours with dry batteries
  • waterproof


  • No major con rated for this light

buying  guide for best above ground pool lights

Best above ground pool lights come in variety of options from floating lights to magnetic mounted lights, from underwater lights to fountain and light systems, you can find online ample of options for lighting your favorite accessory of the summer in your pools.

To make the list of amazing led pool light we have committed a good amount of time and effort. Many above ground pool lights and underwater pool lights from all kinds of manufacturers have been taken into account.

We have reviewed ten best above ground pool lights in this article. It was pretty hard for us to keep in mind the best one as each and every pool light listed above are in some or the other way the right LED pool lights.

Therefore, we reviewed each product on the basis of its plus and minus. This tough task has let us weed out the good from the bad and compile the information necessary for this list. Best LED pool lights have basic purposes.

  • It is a safety precaution
  • It sets your mood
  • It looks nice and awesome in an above ground pool. Therefore, when you finally head out to shop for the best above ground pool lights consider the below mentioned factors

Lighting Components

The usual component for best led pool light is a switch and sometimes a transformer. These two can be mounted on a post or a wall that is as close as 10 feet or as far as 100 feet from the pool. You only have to increase the cord length if it is too short.


LED best above ground pool lights are cheap to buy and maintain. One unit will cost about $400-$900 depending on its quality, then last for about 10 years before requiring a $200-$400 bulb replacement.


Best LED pool lights are much brighter than any other light is you choose to put under water. This is because they are placed directly in the water and thus, light is transmitted directly, which is not the case for fiber optic lights or any other type of light.


Despite being underwater LED pool lights are very safe. Their electrical connections are sealed watertight and some even feature step down transformers that lower the voltage to a safer 12V. No other light features such a safety.

Check how compatible is it

Compatibility is one of the primary things to check when buying underwater best LED pool lights. Make sure that the unit you buy can fit in your pool’s light housing for easy installation.

The most common size is 6 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches in height but you should check so that you don’t get an over sized bulb.


Longevity is of an above ground pool also needs to be measured. And it should be measured in hours which are also indicated on the bulb’s packaging.

INTEX LED lights feature a longer lifespan, but they are expensive. And if you make a comparison of cost per time best LED pool lights will stand cheaper than incandescent and halogen lights, and are also much more energy efficient.

Longevity of halogen and fiber optic lights is somewhere in between the other 2 whereas fiber optic option stands second best after LEDs.

Easy to Installation

Floating best LED pool lights are the easy to install since they only need to be put on water and that’s it. Almost all the floating lights are battery powered and therefore, no cable is required.

Just ensure the batteries are installed and charged, then set them up. And underwater lights needs to be fixed to either the pool wall or floor which takes up some time and efforts. But, lighting and visual effects come much better when they come from down there.

This was all about the buying guide. Concerning best above ground pool lights, consider the above mentioned factors before you finally choose your product.

types of best above ground led pool lights 

Floating pool lights

Floating best LED pool lights are easy to install and maintain due to the bulb replacement. You simply need to pull the entire unit out of the water, change the bulb, and then put it back in. However, mostly these lights are battery operated and super colorful and bright.

Underwater best LED Pool Lights

Whereas, underwater lights need more maintenance work because they need perfect seals to keep water out of their bulbs and need some work while replacing the bulbs. Only plus point in these lights is they are bright since their power comes from the mains.

importance of above ground best led pool lights 

Above ground best LED pool lights are not always necessary. Mostly it is for décor and safety. If you have a well-lighted location that lets you see the pool clearly at night, you do not need to make this investment.

But on the other hand underwater lighting that works above the pool may be necessary for your safe fun. Underwater lighting under regulation and standards was established in 1968.

The above ground pool lights are unique lights having unique features. Some models get fixed to your liner and show a replica. Others may hang to the side or the frame of your pool.


Having a swimming pool sounds good enough, but having a pool that glow in darkness sounds much better. Hence, to achieve this you will need best led pool light bulb. Pool lights alone not only make the pool look more beautiful but it also improves the safety level, which is very important if you are hosting a pool party at night.

If you want your above ground swimming pool look nice appearance wise, then above ground pool lights are the right way to decorate your above ground pool

As you can see above in the best LED pool light reviews, we have mentioned various types of best above ground pool lights along with their pros and cons for you to pick the best one. LED pool lights are overall good for your pool because they are energy efficient and reasonably priced for the features it has.


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